We Have Arrived Campaign

Today, Operation Suzaku is proud to announce our next action: the We Have Arrived campaign.
We Have Arrived is a song from Final Fantasy Type-0. Epic as hell, it can be purchased for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on iOS for $0.99/0.89€. In order to show Square Enix we actually have money for their game, you are all invited to download Theatrhythm on your iOS device, buy We Have Arrived (Music Stages > Purchase Songs > Bottom of the list), give the game a try and leave a fair comment on the App Store. At the end of your comment, add “And please release Final Fantasy Type-0 for the West”.

For the owner of a 3DS, you are of course invited to buy We Have Arrived too. But if you own both a 3DS and an iOS device, please consider buying the song for your iOS device as each country has a “Top In App Purchase”. This way, we can see if We Have Arrived could reach the Top 10 Theatrhythm DLC.

Because this is actually our main goal for this campaign: making We Have Arrived the first Theatrhythm DLC in as many countries as possible. A topic on the Square Enix official Forums will then be created so they can see how strong the demand is.

So grab your iOS device, download Theatrhythm, spend $0.99/0.89€ and leave a comment on the App Store. More, ask your friends to do so too. Let show Square Enix we want give them our money for this amazing game!

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