New information on Final Fantasy Type-0’s English localization following our milestone of 10,000 signatures

Good news everyone! We have reached 10,000 signatures! As a fan organization, we can all be proud of having reached this major milestone.

Operation Suzaku

As promised, I will send Square Enix 10,000 pennies – one for each of you – to show them how many people are currently behind the operation. But this is not the end – no, this is just the beginning. We’ll be planning even more actions that will hopefully lead to even more support and greater results.

Before we plan our next move, I wanted to share some new information about the English localization of Final Fantasy Type-0.

A few days ago, I received a private message on Facebook from another voice actor claiming to have worked on the English version of FF Type-0 (remember “English localization almost done, but…”). Of course, I verified their credibility through various sources and concluded this person can be trusted based on the type of work they have done before. Our conversation was not via phone call, but through Facebook this time so I’ve decided to share with you the most interesting parts.

“Last year I voiced one of the main characters in this game,” said the voice actor to me. “Though I’ve done several cartoons and video games, this was a major geek moment for me to be in a FF game. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was canned, or shelved or whatever. I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but I Googled it today on a whim and came across your page. I appreciate your passion and hope it has an impact.

“I’m not surprised to see that another VO person reached out. You’re more or less the definitive force when it comes to a fan-based movement trying to get this thing stateside. I’m not sure what info I can give you other than what you already know. Yes, the work was done in December of 2011 and some pick-ups in 2012. I’d guess the whole process took five weeks or so to re-dub. I finished my portion top to bottom, and from what I heard through the grapevine, so did everyone else. They were syncing to picture with time codes as we went, so it was pretty tedious, but near a final form for each section that we finished, day to day. From this, I can only assume the dubbing was finished. Most all of the actors were experienced anime and video game dubbing artists.

“From what I heard (through cut scenes) it sounded really solid. Also, it was recorded at Skylark Sound in Burbank. Everyone on the production side was very talented, nice, and professional – especially the Japanese folks from SE. It’s a shame their hard work can’t be appreciated either. Anyway, that’s about all I know. It’s always a mystery when a project gets shelved.”

So there you have it. All this waste is sad indeed, but at least we know the English localization is done. It’s up to us as fans to convince Square Enix that this game must be released overseas.

11 thoughts on “New information on Final Fantasy Type-0’s English localization following our milestone of 10,000 signatures

  1. Tom

    I find it strange. By signing this petition noone is forced to buy the actual game. I think more of us is interested in the game, not only 10000 people will buy it worldwide. So why there are more signatures? Shees… If this game comes out on Vita I’m definitely going to buy one just for this game!

  2. eder gomes

    I hope final fantasy type-0 already so long that I can not know reality from fiction, ending the fuck I’m about to explode from waiting

  3. Criss

    I Will purchase another psp, or I will purchase a psvita if I must, solely for this game, and this game alone. I’ve been waiting years for Type-0. Its killing me, but I will wait even more if need be.


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