Everything about the operation

Operation Suzaku is a fan organization with the sole purpose of convincing Square Enix to release Final Fantasy Type-0 for the West.
In order to raise Square Enix awareness of the operation, we are currently running a petition and a campaign.


Three milestones to reach: 25,000 likes on Facebook, 15,000 petition signatures and 1,000 followers on Twitter.
Once reached, I will send a package to Square Enix JP and Sony containing a letter about our cause (in Japanese for SE of course), some sort of certificate for the milestones and… anything you want me to add! I will accept almost everything related to Type-0: a love letter about the game, a picture of you cosplaying as a Class Zero student, a picture of your collection of Type-0 merch, a Type-0 fan-art or your little brother cosplayed as Kurasame’s Tonberry (note: he has to fit the package).
You can send me your pictures at khaliachivalvi@gmail.com


Using a petition is the best and easiest way to to gather as many fans as possible on a cause. And in order to be understand by most of them, the petition is available in six languages:

Facebook (terminated)

Every Tuesday, Suzaku’s flag is posted on one of the Square Enix Facebook pages. All fans are invited to comment it, like it, and of course share it. It’s a simple and peaceful way to let Square Enix know that fans are hungry for Final Fantasy Type-0. Please remember to be polite and respectful in your comments. Simple kindness can go a long way.
You can also join our Facebook page right here.

Phone Call (terminated)

Every Wednesday, fans are invited to give Square Enix NA a call in order to ask them if there is something new concerning Final Fantasy Type-0. The phone number is 310 846 0400 and their offices are opened from 9am to 6pm Pacific Time (GMT -8). Of course, please remember to be polite and respectful during the call.
For the non-US resident, using Skype could be a inexpensive solution.

Twitter (terminated)

Similarly, all fans are invited to copy and paste this message on their Twitter feed every Friday:
Dear @1stPD_PR, @SQEX_Members_NA and @SQUARE_ENIX_EU, please localize #FinalFantasy #Type0 for the West, we have money!
You can also follow us on Twitter right here.

Look forward to it (terminated)

On January 2nd, Robert Peeler (Community Manager) asked on the Square Enix Forums what is our most anticipated “Look forward to it” moment for 2013. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to let Square Enix know Final Fantasy Type-0 is the most anticipated game for this year.

So grad your keyboard, log in on the Square Enix Forums and show them your love for Final Fantasy Type-0. And again, please remember to be respectful and polite.

We Have Arrived campaign (terminated)

We Have Arrived is a song from Final Fantasy Type-0 that can be purchased for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on iOS ($0.99/0.89€).
In order to show Square Enix we actually have money for their game, you are all invited to download Theatrhythm on your iOS device, buy We Have Arrived (Music Stages > Purchase Songs > Bottom of the list), give the game a try and leave a fair comment on the App Store. At the end of your comment, add “And please release Final Fantasy Type-0 for the West”.

Our goal here is pushing We Have Arrived in the Top 10 DLC for Theatrhythm in as many countries as possible. A topic on the Square Enix official Forums will be then created so they can see how strong the demand is.

Operation Anniversary (terminated)

Final Fantasy turned 25 on December 18 2012. In order to celebrate this anniversary, a four-in-one Operation Suzaku action have been set in place: on Twitter, on Facebook, by mail and by email. Hundred of fans participated, and the Senior Direct of Public Relations at Square Enix said about it:
“We appreciate the efforts of all our fans to champion the expansion and success of our titles and will always do what we can to get quality games in the hands of players. All of the messages that I received from your group were polite, respectful and thoughtfully written.”

1 signature = 1 penny (terminated)

As a first “physical contact” with Square Enix, Operation Suzaku will send them 10,000 pennies as soon as the petition reach 10,000 signatures. This way, they won’t be able to ignore the operation and will know that a high demand exists.